New Year. Canaries.
Canary Islands
29 December, 2018 - 05 January, 2019
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Join the crew!
As you welcome the New Year, so will you live it!) You are invited to a team of like-minded people ready to start 2019 with new adventures. The special New Year program will take us to the "wildest" of the Canary Islands without prejudice to the celebration's beauty or comfort!
We are welcoming a new sailing vessel to our flotilla!
Twister in figures:
36 M
length over all
comfortable cabins, 2 saloons
571 М2 -
sail's square
27 М -
mast's height
Twister: Combination of history and style, comfort and speed.
The two-mast Twister schooner was built in 1902 as a fishing boat. Designed to deliver the take to fish auctions as quickly as possible, the Twister remains one of the speediest ships in the Dutch sailing fleet.

In 1957, the original wooden frame was replaced with a metal one, while in 1999 the schooner was completely remade into a passenger sailing ship.

You will become a member of a small team of 12. The team will not be a usual one but the team of experienced travelers. Leaving for El Hierro, the wildest of the Canary Islands, we will not be giving up an opportunity to drink a morning cup of tea or meet the sunset with a cup of wine in a de luxe saloon.
While retaining the privilege of a personal cabin, each participant remains a full-blown member of the crew. You are invited to the steering wheel or outhaul:
you have the full control of the boat in your hands.

Participants are accommodated in two-berth cabins. Each cabin has a wash stand, shower and bath rooms are in the hall in front of the cabins. The Twister has two big comfortable saloons, in the pilot house and the boat's stern.
Roman Trofimov
Organizer of travels on board historical sailing vessels.
Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

Yuliya Semyonova
Traveler. Organizer of sea voyages on board sailing boats. Author of the projects "Father and Son under Sails", "Cyclades Flotilla 2017" and "Dodecanese Flotilla 2018".
Dmitry Ryabchikov
Yacht Captain, Instructor. Chief Mate of the frigate Shtandard.
Tenerife, Los Cristianos, 29 December - 5 January.
Embarkation after 16:00.
Disembarkation in the same port on 5 January.
Sailing voyages and port stays depend on weather conditions but our travel will anyway be eventful and engaging.
Detailed description of the route:

29 December
29 December
Day of embarking on the ship
After 16:00: accommodation on the Twister, safety briefing.
20:00: welcoming dinner on board.
30 December
30 December
Departure for the sea.
In the early morning we leave the port of Los Cristianos, set sails and make for the northernmost of the archipelago's isles, La Palma. We have in store the first ocean voyage of some 60 miles. We will teach you to set and adjust sails of a fore-and-aft schooner, and everyone will be able to take the steering wheel into his or her own hands!
En route, weather allowing, we will cast anchor for trekking in the gorge of Masca.
31 December
31 December
Santa Cruz de la Palma
In the nigh or morning, we arrive to the port of
Santa Cruz on La Palma. We look around the city and get ready to celebrate the New Year.
01 January
01 January
Santa Cruz de la Palma
We have a rest after the celebration and walk around the island.
As an option, we rent cars and go for the green mountains.
There are places to see in La Palma for sure!
02 January
02 January
Voyage to El Hierro
On the second of January, refreshed, we make for the sea. This time, our destination is the wildest and most protected island of the Canaries, El Hierro. After 60 nautical miles, we call at the port of La Restinga or Puerto de la Estaca.
03 January
03 January
El Hierro
We will fully dedicate this day to the pearl of our voyage, the island of El Hierro. From the town of La Restinga, we can go for a long trekking along woodland paths or have a ride through the island's viewing points perched on high cliffs.
04 January
04 January
Voyage to La Gomera, San Sebastian
Leaving for the sea in the early morning, we expect after dinner to berth in San Sebastian de la Gomera and have the second half of the day free for walking around the island. It is from here that Columbus was leaving for the first transatlantic voyage to discover America for Europeans.
05 January
05 January
Voyage to Los Cristianos
The 20 miles voyage to Tenerife closing our travel.
excl. air fair
EUR 1,500
Accommodation in a double berth cabin
Meals on board (participating in cooking is welcome!)
New Year Supper
Practical course in navigation basics
Boots and clothes
It is comfortable to wear on board cotton or special yacht trousers but jeans will do too. Of overclothes, thin thermal underwear, wind jackets and trousers are ok.
Yacht or other sport footwear will do. Trekking boots or comfortable and enduring sneakers will be of use for walks through islands.
You may also need sun glasses.

Instead of a suitcase, it's better to take a soft bag. There is enough room on the Twister, however, a sizeable suitcase will be your cabin companion.

A usual tourist "Schengen" visa will do. Border is marked on the way to Spain and back in the airport.
We recommend to get an insurance for active travelers abroad (yachting). Sport insurance is not required! Insurance may be got on-line in most insurance companies.
Sea sickness
All people without exception suffer from sea sickness but to a different degree. 95% of people get used to the swell during the first few hours.
Roman Trofimov
+7 (911) 921 78 77
Dmitry Ryabchikov
+7 (921) 752 23 88
Yuliya Semyonova
+7 (921) 581-09-94
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